Our Vision

Paving a life of prosperous

Our Mission

Uplifting the life level of people through planned, efficient and constant development process which consists coordination of resources and participation of people and providing a better service in accordance with government policies
Evolution of the institution
Madampe Division Secretary Division North Chilaw Divisional Secretariat and South of Mahawewa Divisional Secretary Division.
It is bouded on the boudary of the Kurunegala District from the East and in the West by Chilaw and Mahawewa Divisional Secretary Divisions. 
There are a large number of small tanks spread throughout the division.  There is a livelihood.  There are 47907 Divisions.  In terms of ethnicities, 97% of Sinhalaese, 2% Mulims, 1% of Tamils can be divided, with religion accouting for 81% of Buddhists, 16% Catholics and 3% Muslims.  

Role performed at DS

Name From To
Mr. N.H.M.Chithrananda 1991 1993
Mr. S.M.L.Chandrasiri 1994 2002
Mr. Wickrama Waragoda 2003 2010
Mr. H.M.S.P.Herath 2011 2018 Oct
Mr. A.M.C.M. Premasuriya 2018 Oct up to date 
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